Seeing You Go to Engagement in a Dream. What does it mean to see a wedding in a dream? What is the meaning?

Whoever sees that he is getting ready for an engagement in his dream, takes actions that will win people's appreciation and love.

Seeing You Go to Engagement in a Dream. What does it mean to see a wedding in a dream? What is the meaning?

This dream is pleasing, good news. The person who goes to the engagement in the dream receives news from unexpected places that will make him happy. This is a harbinger of better days to come. Getting engaged to a familiar person in a dream; instead of experiencing distress and sadness, getting engaged to someone you do not know; seeing that two people you do not know are engaged instead of facing a danger; It indicates that you will be happy and peaceful.


Seeing forced engagement in a dream

The person who sees this dream will gain blessings from unexpected places, it indicates that fruitful and abundant days will come, and that he will find relief after trouble. The person who is forcibly engaged in his dream realizes his plans for the future. Again, this is good news that will arrive soon. According to some commentators, this dream indicates trouble. It is interpreted as doing something he does not want, committing mistakes and then regretting these mistakes.

Seeing girl or boy engaged in a dream

Whoever sees his child getting engaged in his dream will find healing in his diseases. This dream indicates that those who have health problems will regain their old health in a short time. Again, according to some commentators, this dream is a good son.

Forced engagement in a dream

A recurring disease will be treated soon, a difficult period will be overcome in a short time, meeting with a separated person, new job opportunities will be obtained, the steps taken will bring good news and people, promises will be fulfilled and discussions will be made. Tired of ending. Getting engaged to a stranger in a dream means that a decision will be made to step into family life, an unfinished business related to education will be completed, a person whose heart was broken due to a misunderstanding will be apologized to, the coldness between the spouses will be eliminated, they will move to a new house, and thanks to the changing environment, both the family and the family will be made. It means that there will be positive developments in both your life and business life.

Getting engaged to the one you love in a dream

The dream owner will help a relative who has been dealing with health problems for a long time, financially and morally, will get together with his brother to set up a business, get a good and profitable job, get rich, get rid of his troubles like a bird, get relief and be with him. It is interpreted that he will make his whole family comfortable. Getting engaged to your loved one by running away in a dream means that after a short-term trouble or a job that will cause harm, you will get a job that will bring you a lot of profit and a high position, you will get news that will make the household very happy and you will have a child, and you will have a child.

Getting engaged to the dead person in a dream

In the end, it indicates that you will enter a job that will not bring much good, that there will be problems in this job for a while, then you will think about the issue, that some research will be done and the source of the problem will be found, that things will go well with a new decision and that the problems will be solved. To be engaged to a dead person in a dream is interpreted that a job that goes well and brings a lot of financial gain will be interrupted for a short time, that many obstacles and problems will be overcome and thanks to the support of an experienced person, the work will continue and the troubles will be overcome.